On a mission to get justice for missing teen, Alissa Turney. 

We have answers, we need justice.

The mission


Who is Alissa Turney?

Alissa is a teenager from Phoenix, Arizona who went missing in 2001. Nothing was done to find Alissa until 2008 when her step father was taken into custody after refusing to comply with the police. Soon, it became very clear that her step father was not innocent. 


What do we want?

We have our answers, we know who abused and murdered Alissa Turney. Now, we want justice. 


How are we going to get there?

We are going to get there with your help.  We need media pressure to tell the Phoenix Police and the State Prosecutor that we will not go away. In just short 6 months, we had 5 million media impressions. The movement is growing every day with the support of people like you. 


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